Historical Stories

The Postmaster’s Son John Wyllie

A man of great influence in the history of Ayr... read more ›

The Deserted Village

A Black Horse Corner Mystery... read more ›

The Home of the Postmaster

Robert Wyllie’s Home and the Legend of Creek Cottage and Robbie Burn’s Ghostly Mistress... read more ›

When the White Man Came

The Story of the Attawandaron Peoples and the First Europeans in Dumfrie... read more ›

The School that Became the Home of the Women’s Institute

The History of Scott’s Corners School, S.S. No. 13, Beverly Township... read more

The Scoop on Indulge

The Bitter-Sweet Past of Ayr’s Downtown Business and the Tale of ‘Grinning Joe’... read more

Uncovering History

Ayr: The Secret Meeting Place for Mackenzie Followers of the 1837 Rebellion... read more ›

The Sealed Letter

Memoir Of The Early days... read more

Forgotten? Ayr’s Carnegie Library

The Spell-binding Story Of a Great Man and His Influence In Ayr... read more

The Murder Of Emma Orr

The Secret Of Orr’s Lake and The Orr Farmstead... read more › 

The Past of Cruickston Park

Scandalous Marriages, the Rich Families of New York and the Unsinkable Titanic... read more ›

An Interesting Find

The Greendale Estate and the Unusual Octagonal Building... read more ›